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Welcome To Visteon Electronic

Visteon Electronic ltd considers its staff as is prime asset, our prime objective is high quality, reasonable price, timely deliver & unconditional service and order to achieve the said goals our professional experienced and dedicated team work force are continuously hard working in the field. Our company always try to identify the needs of our customers and provide the professional support to meet the demand of our valued clients For” Visteon Electronic Limited.

Visteon Electronic Limited is Bangladesh`s Leading Company for Light Air conditioners & Heating ventilation, air conditioning HVAC&R system refrigeration, more than 05 years Successful respectable experience, focus & concentration has given Visteon Electronic an unprecedented advantage over the rest in the country.

The company was established 2009.From date of establishment, Visteon electronic has made a commitment to provide unmatched services for the world leading products it represents Visteon electronic ltd. Visteon Electronic has a well trained and conscientious staff of 60 people. The staff undertakes continuous training programs arranged by the company through its principals while they also attend seminars, conferences and independent training programs as well.